Monday, May 26, 2008

Making Progress

Just wanted to update everybody - my milk came in this morning! So that is a huge relief and hopefully now we can start getting everything figured out. We have an amazing lactation consultant affiliated with our hospital, and she has been priceless in helping us figure out what to do. We spent an hour with her today, and she said that I'm making enough milk that we can eliminate the formula feedings. That is a huge relief for me - I was really frustrated with not being able to produce enough for him. So we're still working on him getting used to not having a big full formula belly after each feeding, but hopefully we'll get our routine fixed in the next day or two. Now we just need to get him to actually sleep between feedings! Please pray for us as we try to get all this stuff figured out. I truly believe that parenting will become more joyful in the next few weeks as things get settled down and we start to feel more like we know what we're doing! I have more pictures to post, but need to get them uploaded - hopefully in the next day or two. Thanks for all your kind thoughts and prayers!

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Charity said...

thinking of y'all so much! eli is so cute! look forward to hearing more and seeing more pics... love from romania. :)