Tuesday, June 02, 2009

1 Year Well Visit

We had our 1-year well visit today, even though it was 2 weeks late. (Apparently, the beginning of summer is a rough time to get into the doctor's office!) Here are his 1-year stats!

Weight: 26lbs, 10 oz (90%)
Length: 31.5" (90%)
Head: 18.5" (60%)

So he's right on track to be a giant! LOL! I was looking back at his 9-month stats for comparison, and he gained 5 pounds in 3 months! Yeah, I guess whole milk and table food are agreeing with him.

I also learned today at this visit what a passionate, vocal child I have! I mean, I always knew he was expressive and dramatic, but I guess being in a public place where others are affected makes it feel so much worse! He just swings wildly from one strong emotion to another! For example, in the waiting room, he was smiling and laughing, flirting with the other people, playing with books, really happy. Then 2 minutes later, we go back to the exam room and get his clothes off, and he FREAKS OUT when the nurse tries to take him temperature. And it's not like she was doing anything invasive - they just use the temporal ones that get the temp from their forehead! But he was screaming and crying real tears!

So once she was done, I picked him up and he calmed down, then started smiling and laughing again. Until 3 seconds later when we went out to the scale and I put him down to weigh him. Once again, screaming, real tears streaming! So dramatic! We managed to get the weight and then when I picked him up again, instantly ok. While we waited in the exam room for the doctor to come in, he was shrieking again, but this time with joy over playing with his toys and sippy. What a weirdo. Then we rode the roller coaster again when the doc came in and tried to look in his ears - drama and screaming. Then happy again when she left. Then MAJOR drama with getting his shots. This is the worst he has ever done when getting shots - it took him 2 or 3 minutes to stop screaming this time, when it used to be just 15-20 seconds. What was really funny was after he got his shots and I picked him up, he was still screaming and crying, but he was just staring at the nurse, shooting daggers at her with his eyes, as if to say "Why on earth did you do that to me?!?!?!?!"

Part of his excitability may have been because he decided not to take much of a nap this morning, which meant that he was a little sleep-deprived by our appointment late morning. He conked out after lunch, though, and he's sleeping peacefully now.

So I'm so thankful for my passionate, healthy, growing baby boy!


KarenD said...

We had the same experience at Ian's 15-month appointment the other day. The nurse told us that they are getting to an age where they are more aware of things at the doctor's office and may even remember the last time they were there!

Well, E has surpassed Ian in his stats. We have a little guy on our hands, though. Isn't it weird to look at their height and think they're close to 3 feet tall?

Tracy said...

Our nurse told me that Elliott will like them again when he is three.

And Elias weighs four pounds more than Elliott and is the same height and head size as him - and he will be 16 months at the end of the week ... you've got a sturdy little guy there!!

Jessica said...

Sometimes I feel really bad for the nurses who give shots. Every day they make dozens of kids cry and receive that "look" from them. That would be a hard job for me.

Katie said...

Yeah, Carina's starting to freak out at the doctor's office, too. Think she's starting to remember what happens when she goes there. :)