Friday, June 05, 2009

Emmitt, Linda, and the Dog

We took the opportunity while we were in Kentucky to stop and visit some of the extended family that lives nearby. We drove to Madisonville one afternoon and went to visit Justin's Uncle Emmitt and Aunt Linda. They had only met Elias once before, when he was 7 weeks old. So this was a much different baby than they met the first time!We had a nice visit together, and we were all surprised at how Elias took to Emmitt! He is generally pretty wary when it comes to strangers, and Elias clings to Mommy or Daddy. He wouldn't even let his own grandparents hold him much, much less anybody that's even less familiar. However, he really took to Emmitt. They were big buddies! Elias let Emmitt hold him, and they just laughed together! From what I hear, Emmitt is kind of like the Pied Piper when it comes to children - they all just love him!

Emmitt and Linda also had a dog, which was thrilling to Elias since he just loves dogs. ("Woof" is still the most common word in his vocabulary.) So we got down on the floor to pet the doggie, and Elias got a big kick out of that.I'm glad we got to visit!

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