Friday, June 05, 2009

Vacation Photo Round-Up

I thought I'd just do a post of all the random pics from vacation that didn't fit anywhere else but were too great not to post! Don't worry, there aren't many.Here's Elias in the bathtub at Nana and GrandDad's. He likes it because they have really cool tub toys! (Daddy did a good job of making sure the photo was PG-rated, don't you think?)

Some fishing pics. Justin and his dad trying out some cane poles:Fishing is a main attraction at my in-laws' house, and it was very good while we were there. (At least that's what the menfolk said. I only fished for about 15 minutes, but I didn't catch a single fish!) They have some submerged trees from all the recent flooding they've had, and those are great spots for catching bass or bluegill. However, they're also great spots for snagging your line and losing your lure.In this photo, Justin got his lure caught WAY out in this fallen tree, but apparently it was his favorite one and he didn't want to lose it! So he just climbed on out to rescue it. This photo is my dad handing him a long stick to try to knock it out of the branch. Believe it or not, it worked and he DID rescue the lure. And he didn't fall in, either! Many thanks to my brother-in-law for capturing this moment on his iPhone - the womenfolk were all in the house, so we missed it.

I saved the best photo for last. On our route between Missouri and Kentucky, we drove through a short piece of Illinois, where there is a town named Metropolis. As in the town Superman is from. We only stopped at a gas station there, but there was Superman stuff EVERYWHERE! So we snapped this photo of Elias behind a cutout that they had outside the station. What a hilarious shot!!!!!!!


Jessica said...

OK, the Superman pic really is funny. Thanks for sharing!

Ashlee said...

Loving the superman pic!

Katie said...

Hehe, such a big body for such a little head. Too cute!

Anonymous said...

Hey guys,

Nicole showed me this pic and I said to myself "Now that's a boy after my own heart". Keep up the good work.