Monday, June 08, 2009

He's Feeding Himself!

I was planning on writing a post updating you all on Elias' self-feeding progress. I really had nothing to report since he still wasn't feeding himself. I had tried a few of your suggestions, but he just wasn't interested, and he got upset whenever I tried to physically move his hand toward his mouth. So I had just decided to chill about it and let him do it whenever he was ready. Once he put his hand in his mouth in what seemed like an attempt to put food in it, but instead he just bit his own finger, which as you can imagine did not do much for his self-feeding confidence. But then today, he just started doing it! Like he's been doing it all his life!

It's actually pretty funny. This morning for breakfast, he didn't feed himself. Today for lunch, he didn't feed himself. Then we went to afternoon VBS at church, which included his dinnertime, so I packed up his dinner and the nursery workers fed it to him. He wasn't quite done when I went to pick him up, so I brought the rest of his blueberries home for him to eat while we ate our dinner. So we served up dinner, put him in his high chair, and Justin put the blueberries on his tray. Justin turned his back, and two seconds later, they were gone. All of them. He was like, "Where are the blueberries?" Then he noticed Elias was chewing. He said "I think Elias just fed himself the blueberries!" So we put some Cheerios on his tray, and he just picked them up and ate them all. In rapid succession. Like seriously, the kid might as well have just put his face close to his tray and inhaled in all the Cheerios. For the rest of dinner, we just fed him off our plates like we usually do, except all we had to do was put a piece on his tray and he picked it up and ate it! Unbelievable!!! Now we need to concentrate on slowing down and actually chewing all of the food he puts in his mouth!

So I can't wait to ask the nursery ladies how on earth they taught my child to feed himself! This is seriously the fifth thing he has come home from church suddenly being able to do!!!


John said...

I hope you've got a really good preacher at your church. If Elias hears him... he'll probably come home preaching!

Katie said...

My guess is that Elias just watched the other kids eat and figured it out. Carina did that last week with chicken nuggets. She was at a table with 3-5-year-olds eating lunch. I was breaking up a nugget into bite-sized pieces and putting it on her tray for her to eat. She fussed in protest and grabbed for another whole nugget and shoved it in her mouth. She then figured out that she could just tear off a bite like the "big" kids were doing. (haha) Anyway, WTG, Elias!

Tracy said...

Joni - HELP!!! Where is your blog that tells how to freeze Bell Peppers? Danny and I have a garden this year and we are being over-run with them, and I remembered you blogged about that once. Please help! Love keeping up with ya'll! Please email me at Thanx.

Jan said...

Yea, Elias!! I knew it wouldn't be long before he figured it out. There'll be no stopping him now!
Love you guys!