Monday, June 01, 2009

Elias' Birthday Party

We arrived in Western Kentucky last Sunday evening, and we had Elias' First Birthday Party with the family on Monday. It was so neat that my whole family came down from Ohio to celebrate with us! We had quite a feast for the birthday dinner! My father-in-law cooked some meat on the smoker, and my mother-in-law made some AWESOME sides to go with it! For the dinner, Elias wore his "My 1st Birthday" bib that his Nana got him.
Then we pulled out the decorations and had our birthday celebration! It turned out really cute and festive! We didn't think there was any way that Elias would wear the hat and bib, but we were wrong! He kept them on the whole time we were having cupcakes! And he didn't cry when we all sang to him either - he just looked more confused than anything. He had never had anything sweet like the cupcake, and he REALLY liked it. We didn't let him eat the whole thing, and he cried when we took it away. He didn't make much of a mess either. Mostly just smashed it with one hand. (If you click to enlarge this picture, though, you will see that he managed to get frosting on his ear! That was a little hard to get out...)(In case any of you are wondering, he didn't feed it to himself either... I'll do an update post on self-feeding once I'm done with the vacation posts!)
After the cake cleanup, it was time to open presents! He got so many neat gifts! Toys, books, clothes, shoes... Thanks to everybody! After that it was bedtime and thankfully the sugar didn't keep him awake. I think he was exhausted from the hulabaloo!
It was a nice celebration, and I'm thankful we were able to all get together.

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Cris said...

Really cute! He cooperated with you and wore the bib and hat. Sweet. I remember my son's first birthday, he doesn't want to wear a party hat. He had a lot of fun walking around and eating. Glad you had a lot of fun. First birthdays are always fun and special.