Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Fun on the Boat

My in-laws live on Lake Barkley in Western Kentucky, and they have a boat that we go out on the lake in when the weather is nice. Thankfully, we had beautiful weather while we were there, so we got to go out on the boat twice! The first time, it was pretty windy, so the water was choppy and we decided Elias would do better staying home with Nana. But the second time we went out, the lake was smooth as glass and it was beautiful! Nana and GrandDad had an infant-sized life jacket that fit Elias just right! I was shocked when he didn't complain about wearing it... He didn't even seem to notice he had it on. It was an overcast day, so it wasn't hot - we actually ended up putting on Elias' jacket because of the chilly wind out on the water! But he seemed to enjoy it. The rocking of the boat almost put him to sleep at first, but then he woke up a bit and found the most pleasure out of playing with the cupholders on the boat's table. :)
The real highlight of our "cruise," though, was when GrandDad let Elias drive the boat! He thought that was big fun.He started pushing in the center of the steering wheel, and we realized he was looking for the horn like his driving toy at home! So GrandDad showed him where the real horn button was on the dashboard!
Thanks for a fun vacation, Nana and GrandDad!


Heather said...

Awww, those are great pics. He looks like a pro holding onto the wheel and pressing the horn. Sounds like you guys had fun!

Anonymous said...

Hey guys. So glad you all were able to get on the water. It is so much fun to watch the little one's reaction!We'll be there in early Sept and can't wait!