Sunday, April 04, 2010

Happy Easter!

He is risen! I am truly filled with joy at Easter this year. God has been doing some major work in my heart the past couple of months (Well, it's probably been years in the making, but the major stuff is going on right now.) to show me lots of wrong attitudes I've had and ways I've been deceived through past experiences into believing that His promises aren't true for me. But praise God they ARE true, and His death and resurrection bought my freedom and eternal life! Today I just want to jump and shout at His goodness and power and grace and love for me and for all mankind! So happy Easter to all - He is risen indeed!

Elias wore a new outfit to church today in celebration of the occasion, but it was pretty hard getting him to hold still for a picture! We resorted to blowing bubbles, and that let us catch a couple good ones.We also tried him sitting on Daddy's lap, which didn't really work to show off the outfit, but they're cute nonetheless!I am so thankful for these two men in my life!!!

Note: That t-shirt and sweater vest are a size 4T! Yes, that says FOUR. My child is huge! Also note his new summer haircut. My big boy with the short hair!

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Katie said...

Whatever size he is, he sure is a QT! :) (Just for a reference point, my peanut can hardly wear anything yet with a T next to it. Maybe a 2T shirt that's kind of baggy on her, but forget doing any pants bigger than 24 months.)