Sunday, April 11, 2010

Straw Sippy

We didn't have much trouble when we moved from bottles to sippies with Elias a long time ago. However, we seem to be stuck there, and we're having trouble trying to move on to anything else. We had a major victory last week, though, with a straw sippy cup that Uncle Emmitt and Aunt Linda gave him when we were in Kentucky. (Thank you, Uncle Emmitt and Aunt Linda!) He FINALLY learned how to drink from a straw! We haven't perfected the technique yet, but I'm glad to just be making any kind of progress at all! Don't get me started on trying to just drink from an open cup. Disaster so far - all he wants to do is shake the cup and splash his water everywhere. If anybody has any ideas or suggestions that could help us get there, that'd be great!


Jessica said...

No suggestions, but I'd sure enjoy video of him shaking a cup of water all over the place.

Katie said...

Yea for the straws! C absolutely LOVES drinking through them. So much so that we started doing it with her at 16 months vs. the recommended 18. She had to get past the whole "don't tip it back" thing, but she learned quickly. It ended up being the only way we could get her to drink the amount of cow's milk she needed. Since then, she's gotten better at regular sippies. It's like we did it backwards, lol.

As for drinking out of an open cup...C is just now starting to do this, but she gets more of a kick out of dumping the water out, whether it's an open sippy cup or just a tiny measuring cup we let her sip. She knows the proper technique (she's downed open plastic cups of Kool-Aid and lemonade very neatly), she just likes to play. I saw a suggestion somewhere to use a shot glass, but letting them use GLASS kind of freaks me out. I just take away the cup when she starts getting too playful with it. Just keep the cups small (measuring, bathroom drink cups, etc) so there's less to spill and let him practice shirtless or outside so there's less to clean up, and keep reinforcing the "we drink it, we don't play with it" rule. Let's hope both of our kids get it soon!

Kristy said...

I would say wait a while on the open cup. We are just now starting to do it with Price and he gets it pretty well. We have tried on and off but he seems to understand it now without dumping water everywhere.

KarenD said...

I don't think there's a rush on moving to the open cup, is there?

Another thing to try are sports-top lids. Ian thinks these are pretty cool (like the straw).

But in general, we're all happy with the spill-proof sippy option!

Shelly said...

Love using cups with straws! We started using them with Molly when she was about 10 1/2 months old. Less mess and more efficient:)
As for drinking from an open cup, you might want to check out the website They have some great little glasses for kids.

Lydia Brown said...

Yea, Elias!! Straws straws straws! Cohen has known for a little while how to suck from a straw but hasn't quite grasped the concept that one no longer has to tip the cup when using a straw. We experience much spillage at our house,still. I'm thinking of bypassing the straw business and skipping straight to the mere drinking straight from the cup deal. Best of luck to you with Elias' straw usage!