Thursday, April 29, 2010

Major Transitions

My big boy is growing up, and we've got three major transitions ahead of us! Today we finished collecting everything we need for the first one:

Twin bed - check
Safety rails - check
Pillow - check
Waterproof mattress pad - check
Thomas & Friends sheets - check
Thomas & Friends blanket - check

So Operation Big Boy Bed is set to begin this weekend! I'll post pics and updates once we get it in motion. When we got home with the sheets and blanket today, I pulled the blanket out right away so Elias could see it and get excited about it. He seemed to enjoy the wrapper more...My goofy boy! Once I got the blanket spread out on the floor, though, he REALLY enjoyed laying on it and rolling around on it, so hopefully that's a good sign he'll want to lay on it in his bed, too!

Once Operation Big Boy Bed is accomplished, we'll begin No-More-Paci Boot Camp followed by Mission Potty Training. Wow, what a summer we have in store! Pray for us!

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Katie said...

Good luck on all 3! We haven't attempted #1 yet and probably won't until C tells us she's done with her crib. Thankfully we got #2 out of the way early since she was never all that dependent on pacis. As for #3...I read somewhere that most boys aren't really ready for PTing until closer to age 3. So don't get frustrated if E doesn't respond at first. He may just be a little too young. C is just starting to tell us before she has to poop...MOST of the time. But she has no desire to sit on the potty to do it. She's peed in there a couple of times, but I think those were by accident. :) And she does love to sit on the potty for practice.