Friday, April 30, 2010

Operation Big Boy Bed - Day 1

We made the big switch this morning! Justin and I disassembled the crib, did as much as we could think of to make the room safe for an unsupervised Elias, and brought in the Big Boy Bed! Here's Elias' first encounter with it:
I was fairly encouraged by the things he was doing in this video, since he clearly understood the bed was for sleeping and he kept laying down and saying "Night night." This, however, was NOT an indication of what his first nap attempt would look like! No nap on Day 1. I think he was just so excited at being able to explore the room on his own that he would lay down, but just be so excited and have to get back up again. So although he didn't nap, he was content to stay in his room alone for the entire nap time AND roomtime (what used to be crib playtime now has to be roomtime since there is no crib!). So I call it a success.

I must confess that I was a BASKETCASE this morning worrying about how it was going to go and just imagining all the ways he was going to seriously injure himself being able to wander the room alone. My fears were, of course, blown way out of proportion. He did knock over his table once and break the stand of a picture frame, but there were no opportunities for serious injury, and he did a good job just playing nicely on his own. So I'm much calmer now after having survived four hours of solitary play. I had the video monitor on and kept an eye on him the whole time, and I'm encouraged at how well he did.

Soooooo, I'm hoping that tonight he's so tired he'll just sleep in the bed without much ado. I'll keep you posted! And you keep praying for us!

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