Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Playing in the Backyard

I have been looking forward to warm weather because I just knew that we would have so much fun playing outside with Elias. And we do! I snapped a few pics and videos of Elias and Daddy playing in the backyard last week. He likes to kick and throw his ball, point out the "flowers" (dandelions), run around, and look at clouds in the sky!
This picture is from another day when we were playing outside. I just wanted to show off his yellow crocs that we got in Kentucky! I think they're so cute! They're still a little big, so they weren't good for running around in the yard, but Elias loves wearing them. We're so thankful for the nice weather and the ability to play outside! One of these days I'll take a camera to the playground to see if I can capture us playing there.

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