Thursday, September 16, 2010

Big Childhood Moment

Today Elias crossed a HUGE milestone in American childhood... He played at the McDonald's Play Place for the first time!! We had some time to kill while our car was getting an oil change, and it just so happens that our oil change place is right across the street from McDonald's! So Mommy got a Mocha Frappe and Elias played. It. Was. Great! You may remember that Elias (and the rest of us for that matter) doesn't care for McDonald's food (Frappes are excluded from this statement!!), but we certainly love the Play Place! I'm a fan because it's safe - I don't have to hover over him every minute like I do at the playground. So he can just climb around and play while I enjoy my frappe! Sweet. Literally. So here are a few pictures of my big guy having fun.When I was getting these pictures off the phone, I discovered some from earlier in the summer that I forgot to download, so I plan to get those posted this week. Stay tuned!

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Jan said...

See...McDonald's isn't ALL bad!! Cute pictures. I'm glad Elias had a good time!