Monday, September 27, 2010

Thank You, Great-Grandma!

A couple weeks ago, we got a surprise package in the mail from my grandmother, who lives in the Chicago area. It was chock-full of clothes that are going to be great for the coming cold weather months, so I was extremely thankful! And there was one toy in it - a little flashlight shaped like a tiger... You squeeze its tail and its mouth opens, it growls, and the light comes on! Way cute, and Elias loves it! So we promptly colored a thank you card and got it in the mail, but we also made sure Elias knew who it was from, and we taught him how to say "Thank you, Great-Grandma!" Well, he apparently closely relates that phrase to the flashlight, because he often out of the blue just says "Thank you, Great-Grandma!" which means he's thinking about playing with his tiger flashlight! So we think about you a lot, Great-Grandma, and thank you continuously at our house for your generous gift! :) Here's a video of Elias playing with the flashlight and saying thank you.

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