Friday, September 10, 2010

No Children Were Harmed...

... in the making of this photograph. I just thought I'd make that clear from the start because the picture below looks like something tragic might be happening! But no, it's just that I have a weird kid. And this is how he likes to nap:Doesn't that look terrible?? But about half the time that's how I'll see he has fallen asleep at naptime. He'll lay this way for about an hour, and then he usually rolls over and sleeps like a normal person. He doesn't do this at night... Maybe he puts the pillow over his face to make it dark? I just thought of that. Anyways, it was so funny I had to share!

I have a whole bunch of videos that I want to get edited to post on here, but I went ahead and posted this picture to tide you over while I try to get them done. Keep checking back, though!

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Jessi said...

Brynna likes to sleep with the light on and a pillow over her head. I don't understand why she won't just turn off the light, but there you have it.