Monday, September 13, 2010


For a long time, Elias liked to bend over and put his head on the floor and look between his legs saying, "I'm upside down!" But then one day I picked up his feet and flipped him over, and he LOVED it! Upside down is no longer adequate entertainment for this guy. He wants to TUMBLE!

Now he'll often just run up and stand like that in front of us, shouting "Tumble!" between his legs. Hilarious! One problem is that he doesn't understand that you have to have adequate space to tumble... He'll run up and do that in tiny spaces where he would definitely injure himself or break something (or both) if we tried to tumble there. But we just move to a larger open area and tumble to our heart's content!

He also always likes to lay on the floor, flop his feet, and laugh after tumbling like he does in this video. I don't know why, but we always do! To me, it seems like he's going to hurt his feet kicking them on the floor that hard, but I guess if it hurt he wouldn't keep doing it!

Note: Sorry about the glare from the window in the video! I didn't realize that was there until after we already got the good shot!


Jessica said...

Your kid is goofy. That's a good thing.

Katie said...

Very cute! It shouldn't be too much longer before he'll be able to flip himself over. This is one of C's favorite activities, although she calls it "flip." She loves when I'm sitting in a chair, she sits on my lap facing me, then I flip her upside down off the chair then backwards.

Sarah said...

I love my little guy tumbling too!

Delighted to meet you today. I hope you don't mind if I splash around to get to know you. This looks like a refreshing spot to slip off my shoes and dip my toes.