Thursday, October 27, 2011

Atlanta Trip 5: Downtown

One afternoon we took the MARTA train to downtown Atlanta, which of course, thrilled Elias to the depths of his soul!
Too excited to sit still!
Grinning at Grandma

We went to Centennial Park, where the Olympics were held in 1996.
Grandma with her boys
The park was beautiful, and the weather was just perfect.  There were also some really great playgrounds, and the boys had a great time playing!
Azlan & Patriot "selling" Grandma some ice cream at the playground's "store."
The curly slide is always Elias' favorite!!  If you look closely, you'll see his skinned left knee - he did that on the concrete just a few minutes before this photo was taken, but he shook it off and kept playing.  There's fun to be had!

Then we tried to go to Hard Rock Cafe for dinner, but the wait was too long, so we instead visited an only-in-Atlanta kind of place called Aunt Pittypat's Porch.  (Aunt Pittypat is a character from Gone With the Wind, which takes place in Atlanta.)  Good, down-home Southern food there!  :)

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