Thursday, October 27, 2011

Atlanta Trip 6: Decorating Pumpkins

Grandma had brought with her 3 pumpkins donated to her grandsons from a friend in Kentucky, so one afternoon we decorated them!  I say "decorated" because Patriot and Azlan carved theirs, but Elias and I opted for drawing with a sharpie.  When I say "Elias and I," I mean me, because he didn't care in the slightest about the pumpkins.  But I drew a really cute cat on ours!  So there.
This is as long as Elias lasted.  You can see him already getting out of his chair to go run up and down the hill some more.
This is the really scary face that Azlan wanted to put on his pumpkin!
Then he decided he'd rather have the Red Power Ranger on his pumpkin, so Grandma printed out a picture and helped him draw the design.
Patriot using the dremmel.
Jessica is deep in concentration.
Mom used a terrifyingly large knife.
We ended up with three awesome pumpkins!

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