Monday, October 03, 2011

Utecht Farms Pumpkin Patch

We had another dose of big fall fun this weekend!  Our first stop was the Pumpkin Patch at Utecht Farms, which was just a few minutes from our house, so very convenient!  Justin had seen in the paper that it was opening with free admission and games for the kids.  So we thought we'd check it out!  There wasn't a whole lot to it, but what can you expect for free?! 
There were some cute little riding toys that Elias liked.
This was definitely too small for him, but he really wanted to give it a try!
This was more his size.  My little man loves him some tractors!

We got an adorable family photo.
And we bought a pumpkin!  Elias is so proud of his pumpkin!  He still walks around saying "Look at my big, orange pumpkin!!!"
We got it for only 75 cents off the "imperfect" table, but it looks just about perfect to me!  Score!  Elias is very proud of being strong enough to lift it.  My tough guy!
We also visited Plaster's Orchard and did some apple picking, so stay tuned to hear all about that!

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Jan said...

He is looking so big!! Can't wait to see you guys next week!