Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Atlanta Trip 4: Aunt Jessica's House

We were very grateful that my sister's house had enough space for us all to be able to stay there together!  Good times!  Elias had a few things about the house that were his favorites:
Elias' single favorite thing about Aunt Jessica's house were the decorative fake pumpkins. She had two on shelves in the living room, and those were seriously his favorite thing to play with!  They were hollow and open on the bottom, so he would stack them and call them a pumpkin patch, or he liked to try to put his foot inside. (Note that he had to take his socks off to play with them...  Whatever.)
Patriot & Azlan have bunk beds, and there is a trundle bed that pulls out from underneath, which Elias slept on.  He thought it was fun to sleep in there with his cousins, and Aunt Jessica was sweet enough to put a homemade train quilt on his bed!  He. Loved. It!  So much that he actually napped in it our first day there - a combination of loving the bed and being so tuckered out from our exciting travels.

He LOVED their electric keyboard.  He played the piano as much as we would let him!
...and sometimes MORE than we let him.
They have a huge backyard that is a big slope.  He LOVED running up and down that hill!  I'm standing on the back deck to take this photo, so that's how steep a slope it is!
I have no idea why, but he liked to lay down on the side of the hill and shout "Help!  I'm stuck!"  Talk about the boy who cried wolf!  No way I was going to go down there each time he said that...  ;)
They also have a big bathtub and lots of bath toys Elias had never seen before!  Very cool!  He was especially taken with one, which was a little grabber shaped like a snake head (Elias called it a dinosaur) and it had a trigger you could pull to make the mouth move.  He quickly figured out how to pull the trigger to move the mouth, and then he thought it was really funny to act out one of his favorite scenes from Thomas & Friends Hero of the Rails with it.  I was pretty impressed at his ability to make the mouth move and match up with the words!

Everything is more fun at Aunt Jessica's house!


Jessica said...

It's true, everything's more fun at Aunt Jessica's house ;-) But did you forget the fake pumpkins? That will be my memory of what Elias liked at my house...

Glad to have you guys visit!

Joni said...

Ahahahaha! I DID forget about the fake pumpkins!! Going back to add those now...