Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Atlanta Trip 1: Flying in the Sky!

In preparing Elias for our trip to Atlanta to visit family, I told him that he and I were going to be flying on an airplane to get there, and from that moment he was SOLD.  He asked me every day for two weeks before we left, "Do we fly in the sky in an airplane today???"  Um, not yet, buddy.  But finally, the day arrived, and of course he LOVED it!  I was very thankful that one of the cheaper airlines that flies out of our area had a direct flight to Atlanta.  So we drove about 1.5 hours to get to the airport, then only had a 1.5 hour flight until we were there!  I am so thankful that my little buddy is such a great traveler, though, because he really made it easy on this mama.  We had FUN flying together!!!

It just so happens that the Branson Airport IS a Bass Pro Shop, so there were certainly entertaining things to look at too!  They had a waterfall with a water wheel, and a bridge going over the little river to a cafe.  Elias' favorite part was the koi in the fish pond, though!  He stared at them for a LONG time!
Admiring the fishies
 Then we got on the plane and he loved absolutely every minute.  So proud of my high-flier!
He of course brought along his trusty companions, Mrs. B and Buster, whose presence kept him at ease the whole time.
He was excited when the flight attendant gave him a pair of wings to wear!  He wore them the whole time and wouldn't take them off until we got to Aunt Jessica's house!
Playing with trains on the tray table was a favorite activity while flying.  The only problem came when we started our descent and had to put all tray tables in a locked and upright position!
Daddy had sent along his iPod Touch for entertainment purposes while traveling, and Elias was glad for that!  I wasn't sure how he'd do since he had never worn headphones before, but he didn't flinch at all.  I guess he'd do whatever it takes to watch a little Thomas...
Our plane was small enough that we were the only two seats on our side of the aisle, and that was great because I could put him at the window and then keep him corralled!  He wasn't wild, though, and was content to just play in his seat the whole time.  He loved looking out the window, especially during takeoff and landing, and it was neat for me to see it through his new eyes too!  So thankful for the opportunity to do this with him and make the trip to visit family.


KarenD said...

We're thinking about taking Ian on his first plane ride in December. I hope he does just as well as E did!

Joni said...

The best tip a friend gave me, Karen, is to take raisins and fruit snacks for him to chew on to help his ears adjust during takeoff and landing. Elias had the harder time during landing, so we did raisins at takeoff and then his special Thomas fruit snacks during landing. Have fun!! :)