Friday, August 15, 2008

Big AND Tall

We pulled out the yardstick and attempted to measure Elias' length... He's about 25 inches tall! That matches his weight to put him between the 75th and 90th percentiles for his age. Our big boy! He's developing so fast and making so many new discoveries every day!

He still loves to "stand" and "walk" with us holding him. Here's a picture of him walking with Daddy. He just loves it!Other new developments in his world:
He's laughing! It is the sweetest thing I have ever heard in my life. I plan to try to capture it on video, but he tends to be so transfixed when he sees the camera that he won't do anything but stare at it. That's why we don't have good pictures of him smiling either. I promise, he really does smile!

He's getting so good with his hands! He can grab onto a toy and hold it for a few minutes before he drops it. He's even starting to try to hold his bottle when he's eating. He usually manages to get the right hand on it, but hasn't figured out that he needs to put the left hand up on the other side to hold it by himself.

When I do my early morning pump, I like to turn on the video monitor and watch him as he's sleeping and waking up. Well, this morning when I turned it on, he was on his stomach in his crib! But I put him down on his back! It freaked me out so much that I went in and put him on his back again, but by the time I had gotten back out to the living room and looked at the monitor, he was flipping onto his stomach again! He just arches his back and flings his legs up, and the momentum just carries him right over! His arm is still trapped under him, so it won't count as officially rolling over until he can figure out how to get that arm out from underneath him, but I am very impressed. He's such a strong, smart boy!

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JTapp said...

He has also taken to pulling the rings off his Baby Einstein playset and trying to hit the hanging duck with it. He also likes to try to grab and hold objects with his feet, whether it's on the Baby Einstein or if you're holding a block or something in front of him. Kid loves to use his legs.