Saturday, August 02, 2008

A Real Bonafide Nursery... Complete with Trauma!

Our nursery furniture arrived yesterday! Justin and I spent last night and today putting it together, and it is now in Elias' room! I do still have some sewing to do before the room is complete and ready for me to post pics on here, but I'm pretty excited about how much like a real room it looks for my precious boy. I am SHOCKED at how beautiful and sturdy this furniture is, considering it was the cheapest thing WalMart had. You won't believe the pictures. At least I don't believe how nice it is... :)

We did have a little bit of trauma with the crib, though. We put the crib together last night and went ahead and put it in Elias' room so he could sleep in it. I had the dust ruffle, mattress pad, and sheet all ready to go. I did not, however, put on the crib bumper because modern wisdom says not to - they say it's a suffocation hazard if baby gets his face trapped between the bumper and the mattress. So I had been planning on using the material from the bumper that came with our set to make valances for the windows instead. Man, am I glad I hadn't cut it yet! I was very relieved when Elias went down to sleep in the new crib with no problem - I was a little nervous because he's never slept in anything but the Pack N Play. He went down like a champ, though, and slept through the night. In the mornings, however, he wiggles around for about 30 minutes before he finally wakes himself up enough to want to eat his breakfast at 7:00ish. Wiggling didn't work out so well for him this morning, though, in a bumper-less crib. Justin and I were awakened at 6:30 to SCREAMS coming from the nursery. Yep, my poor baby had gotten his leg caught through one of the crib slats and couldn't get it back in. He calmed down fast when Mama rescued him, but Mom and Dad were pretty shaken up. So he took his next nap back in the Pack N Play, and by then I had gotten the bumper and figured out how to put it in his crib, and he has been fine in the crib for all of his naps today. Keeping our fingers crossed that the bumper can withstand the wiggling tomorrow morning!

It actually is pretty sweet because he LOVES the bumper! It has little cars and trucks going all around it, and for every nap today he has fallen asleep just staring at them! So it's a REALLY good thing I hadn't cut it up to make the valances yet. Maybe it's alright that it takes me ages to accomplish anything these days! I'll use something else to make the valances... eventually. :)


Katie said...

I wouldn't worry about the suffocation hazard on the crib bumper until he's more mobile--around 5 months or so. You could also put a mesh bumper on the crib instead; I think Babies R Us sells them. That way, if he does eventually roll into it, he can still breathe.

Koleta Hatfield said...

Hey Joni, I sure have enjoyed reading your blogspot. It's fun to read about your joys & woes with your firstborn. It brings back soooo many memories of what we went through when Abby was tiny. I guess we'll be starting it all over again here in a few weeks. It will be interesting to see how different it is the second time around. I hope you guys are getting settled into your new home & you're enjoying Boliver. My Husband graduated from there !! It's a small world, huh ? Hope you have a great day !!