Thursday, August 21, 2008

Photographic Evidence

My darling baby boy is THREE MONTHS old today! I seriously cannot believe it how much he has grown and developed in three short months! Since I did this post about the new developments E has made, I've been collecting photos to prove it!

I still haven't managed to catch any video of him laughing, but I took several pictures of him in the car the other day (Justin was driving!), and a couple look like bonafide smiles! I made them into a little mini-collage of the many faces of Elias.
I have two different photos of this. The first one is Elias on his Activity Mat, which he still loves. There is a little plastic ring on it that rattles when you shake it. Well, instead of just shaking it, Elias likes to use brute strength to actually rip it off the overhead bar, and then he swings it at the duck! Absolutely hilarious. Poor duck. So here's little E slamming the duck with the ring.
And we did manage to get a pic of Elias trying to hold his own bottle. This is the first time he's ever gotten the left hand involved too, although it was more on top than on the correct side. He's done it several more times since then, and I even managed to let him hold it on his own for a few minutes once!

Pretty much every time I go into his room at the end of a nap, this is how I find him even though I put him down on his back:He manages to get that arm out from under him every time now, so I consider him to be officially rolling over! He's actually enjoying tummy time a little more now that he can be the one who puts himself on his tummy... He's even sleeping better! I don't know if he just sleeps better on his tummy or if the antibiotics are helping his infection and that's what's making him rest better. Or maybe a combination of both. But either way, it's nice and peaceful around here these days!

Please also notice that now that he's sleeping on his stomach most of the time, he wakes up with this HUGE puddle of drool underneath him. You can see it pretty well in the picture below: Um, yuck! But I can't really stop him from rolling over, and I don't really want to. So, we'll just have to change his sheets more often! :)

I'm so proud of my big, strong, smart 3-month-old!!!


JTapp said...

This morning rather than hold his bottle he worked hard to knock it out of his mouth, and try to push my hands away. He was hungry, just was full of energy and thought it was a fun game to play with daddy.

Mollie said...

Wow! Times goes SO fast! I totally can't believe he's 3 months already!!! What a cutie!!!! Ya'll make me smile! Miss having you here!