Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Big Boy, Big Toys

We took Elias to the doctor today. We had been wanting to go ahead and find a good pediatrician anyways, but then yesterday he was fussy and had a low-grade fever, so we wanted to get him checked out just in case. We asked several friends for pediatrician recommendations and none of them use a pediatrician! Everybody we know takes their kids to the same family health clinic, where the same doctor sees the whole family. That kinda weirds me out. I mean, can one man know enough about health and medicine to be able to accurately care for both me and my infant son and the 85-year-old we saw leaving the clinic?! I sure hope so, because that's where we went. Anyways, turns out there's nothing wrong with him, probably just a little virus and he'll be better in a couple days, says the doc. He did give us this weird little baggie thing in which to collect a urine sample to take back just to make sure it's not a urinary tract infection, since in infants those usually don't have any other symptoms besides fever and fussiness. But I don't think that's it - I think E will be fine in a couple days.

But we were glad to go to the doctor because we got to see how much our big boy weighs now! 14 pounds, 8 ounces! That puts him between the 75th and 90th percentiles for his age. Perfect! They didn't measure his length, so we might try to do that here at home just out of curiosity. He sure looks like he's growing taller!!!

Since he's getting to be such a big boy now, we're starting to be able to pull out some of the fun toys that have been handed down to him by his cousins. Last week he tried out the Bumbo seat for the first time!He does well in it for a few minutes, but he's not quite confident enough with holding his head up to sit in it for long periods of time. He really enjoyed it, though! I'm afraid that by the time he's ready to really sit in it, he'll be too big to fit! :)

Then today we pulled out his new bigger bouncy seat, since he's kicking his way out of the little one. He kicks so hard that he bangs his heels on the plastic of the on/off switch, and although he doesn't act like it hurts him, we still don't like it. So the new big one is called a Kick & Play - designed for him to kick it! He REALLY likes it with the way it plays music, flashes lights, and has a mirror he can look in.

So he's getting to be such a big boy and playing with such big boy toys! Give us just a little longer and then we can pull out the exersaucer! Whoa!


Andrew's Mommy said...

Oh, girl... the exersaucer will change your life. We call that "the office" and ask Andrew if he wants to go to work sometimes. He's about to outgrow it.

Everyone makes those same comments about him being big, too. I just say, "Well, at least we are growing and healthy!" But it does get annoying sometimes. Andrew is 4 inches taller than the chart for his age.

Your haircut is great! I think I'll do it to, closer to when the baby comes.

Much love! Hope you're liking MO!


Jessica said...

I think the Bumbo is just about the funniest thing I've seen in a hundred years. Don't you love seeing your little baby sitting up like a real person!?! We used to put the Bumbo in one of our dining room chairs (one with arms so he couldn't roll off the chair), and scoot the baby up to the table while we ate dinner. It was a hoot seeing those little eyes peering over the table! Oh, good times!

They even make trays to attach to the Bumbo now. I haven't seen one yet, but I hear you can order it off

Glad you guys are doing great! Love you!

Kristy said...

We take Pricer to a family care doctor. He has been my doctor since I was a teen and honestly the only person I trust enough to care for my baby! He's don a fabulous job! Now once we had to see another doctor in the same office and I was NOT impressed. So I guess it depends on the doctor. Anyway, can't believe Eli is so big, he could totally take Price!