Monday, August 18, 2008

Prayers, Please!

We got a call from the doctor's office today with the results of Elias' urine analysis, and they think he DOES have a urinary tract infection! So we got a prescription antibiotic that we'll start this evening. I am thankful to have caught it this early before it gets bad or causes any damage, but I am pretty nervous about giving my 3-month-old antibiotics! Please, please pray for us that he won't have any reactions to the medicine, that God will heal him quickly, and that the infection won't come back!!


KarenD said...

Girl, I pray for you all the time! And I really only barely knew you guys when you were here. Keep us updated!

KarenD said...

Oh, and the nursery is super cute!

Joni said...

Thanks, Karen... It's funny that I feel like I know you better now than in Waco, too. Blogs are wonderful things! :)

Andrew's Mommy said...

i think the nursery is so cute! also, we had to give Andrew meds about that same age and he did well, but it did mess with his poops. :)
when we had to take Andrew to the ER the other night for a 106.7 fever, they asked us if he was circumsised. (he is). they said that little boys who are not end up with UTIs esp. that first few years. Not to say he can't get one either way, but it was actually one of their first questions.... wierd, huh?

you're doing great!