Saturday, August 09, 2008

Officially a Mommy

Well, I think I can say that I'm officially a Mommy now that I've gone and gotten a bonafide "mommy haircut." Here's the new me:
Sorry the picture is so bad - I took it of myself in the bathroom mirror! But it gives you an idea of what I've got going on now.

I went to the salon today not having a clue of what I wanted, just knowing that all the hair had to go. There were three reasons for this: 1- With a 2 1/2-month-old at home, I don't always have time to blow dry and/or fix it, and my old hairstyle looked TERRIBLE if I didn't blow it dry. 2- I've got the whole postpartum thing going on where my hair is drying up and falling out by the handful. I'm sure it won't last forever, but I hate having so much hair all over my house! Plus, it was so long that it just felt nasty and dry. 3- My child has now learned to grab onto things, and this includes my hair. That hurts. Since I don't always want to wear it in a ponytail, then I wanted something shorter that's less likely for him to rip out of my head.

So I just went in and told the stylist my situation, and she told me what she thought would look good. She showed me a picture of what she had in mind, and my hair ended up looking nothing like the picture she showed me. But I like it nonetheless, and I know it's going to be MUCH easier to take care of and try to look decent with. So I'm a REAL mommy now. :)


Mom said...

I LOVE your looks so stylish! And don't worry about it being dry and breaking/falling out. Mine seems to do that yearly, but it does grow back!

Jessica said...

Aren't you cute! That's a very versatile cut. You could wear it pulled back off your face, down the way you have it, or put some product in it and flip out the ends when you're wanting to look a little funky!

Love you!

Nicole said...

You look great Joni!

I like the haircut, but even without it, you are just looking really good! :)

I guess I haven't seen you in person for awhile... :(

Mollie said...

Looks great!!! I'm all about easy hair!!!

Kristy said...

CUTE Joni! Welcome to the world of Mommy hair. And don't worry about Eli being too big. I spent way too much time worrying about Price being too small! It will all even out!! Love you girl!