Monday, January 12, 2009

Another Big Day!

I keep having to suspend my series on our holiday travels in order to post about what's happening now! Apparently Elias has decided that right now is the time to start doing all sorts of new things! Yesterday I had three moments where I just had to stop and get the camera to capture what he was doing! So now I'm sharing them with you.

First, he's doing some major teething right now. Nasty runny nose, somewhat fussy, not napping well, excessive drooling... It's not at all terrible and he's still in great spirits most of the time. But occasionally you can tell that his mouth hurts, and so yesterday we pulled out the teething toy that Grandma & Grandpa gave him for Christmas. At first he didn't like us putting it in his mouth, but once he figured it out, he liked it!Second, he is getting so big and strong! He still likes to play in his Baby Einstein Activity Mat, although the days are numbered that he'll be able to play with it, I think. Anyways, he's a very strong roller now, and he'll often roll around as he plays on the mat. Well, yesterday he was rolling around and got caught on the bars of the mat, which happens often. But instead of being stopped by the bars like usual, this time he actually rolled the mat with him! HILARIOUS! He didn't think it was strange at all, but just kept playing. In fact, he really liked that the musical star was on the floor now and he could reach it.

And third, he's now an independent sitter! He's been sitting for moments by himself, but not sturdy enough to make us feel good about leaving him. But yesterday it was like suddenly a switch was activated or something, and he just started sitting and kept on sitting! Seriously, like 30 minutes straight yesterday evening, and he's been doing it all day today too! Last night I took a little bit of video to show him sitting up all by himself. You'll see that he was clearly VERY proud of himself.


KarenD said...

I know what you mean about "the switch." It's like one day they can't do it, and the next day they can! It's so crazy and fun to watch!

Way to go, Little E, working on those "milestones!"

Charity said...

sooooooooo stinkin' cute!!!!!

Geron said...

he's so cute! i want to eat him up!


Jeannie said...

I love how whenever you take a video of him, he seems to be so interested in the camera. EThan is starting to be interested in "technology" too, he is fixated on the cell phone.