Wednesday, January 21, 2009

New Friend Ethan

Alrighty, now that it's the end of January, I'm posting my last of the pictures from our holiday travels. I have a friend, Jeannie, who I don't really know very well, but we're blog buddies! She was in a Bible Study group with my mom, and I first met her when she came to the baby shower that my mom and sister threw for me shortly before Elias was born. At the time, she was about 4.5 months (Is that right, Jeannie?) pregnant with her own little guy. We kept in touch after that and have been reading each other's blogs and emailing since then. So when we were in Ohio for the holidays, we got to see each other again, and our babies met each other outside the womb! We took some pictures of our boys together, but it's hard to get two babies to look at the camera and look happy at the same time! Here's what we ended up with. In these pictures, Elias is 7.5 months and Ethan is 4 months. (By the way, Ethan's pupils are not white in real life - that's what the red eye removal did to him! But I thought that was better than fiery red... He has such beautiful blue eyes that they looked REALLY red in the photos!)This is the closest thing we got to a coordinated picture. Cuties!This one is pretty cute, but we were starting to lose Ethan!I think this one is really cute. Jeannie must've been trying to get them both to look at the camera, and instead they both looked at her hand!

So I'm glad we got to see each other, and I hope we continue to keep in touch!

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Jeannie said...

Oh How sweet! I love the pictures!