Thursday, January 08, 2009

Big Morning!

I'm interrupting my series of posts on our holiday travels to tell you all about the BIG morning Elias had! First of all, he cut his FIRST TOOTH!! Finally! He had a rough day yesterday, didn't take a nap at all in the evening, and we suspected maybe a tooth was coming because of the excessive drool. Then this morning when I was playing with him, I noticed he kept sticking his tongue out like he was feeling something on his lower gum. So I felt in there, and behold! The bottom right front tooth came in! My precious boy. So far in Elias' life, I haven't been one of those moms who gets nostalgic over every milestone and wishes her baby would stay a baby. But this one has kind of affected me in that way - I mean, he will NEVER again have that sweet gummy grin! And babies always start to look more like toddlers once they get teeth in their smiles. So although I am rejoicing at this milestone, it's a little bittersweet for me.

And THEN, as if that wasn't enough, I saw him get up on all fours today! My family told me they saw him do it while we were at their house last week, but I missed it. So this is the first time I'd seen it! I still don't think he'll be crawling tomorrow or anything, but we're closer!

My baby's growing up!!!

Holiday posts will resume this evening. :)

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Katie said...

Yeah, it's amazing how quickly they grow up. Be ready for tooth #2 to follow pretty quickly. Carina's two front teeth came in about 2 weeks apart. And way to go for Eli getting up on all fours! That takes quite a bit of balance to master. Carina still doesn't really do that yet for more than a second, although she has figured out how to scoot around on her belly.