Sunday, January 25, 2009

Baby Dedication

This morning at church, we were blessed to be able to take part in a baby dedication, in which we publicly dedicated Elias to the Lord - to raise him to know, love, and serve Him. Elias was dedicated with 5 other babies, all of whom are from families in our Sunday School class... We aren't called the Homebuilders for nothing!

It was short, just a small speech from the Children's minister and a prayer from the pastor, but it was just more the symbolic act of presenting my child before the church and saying that I want him to belong to the Lord that was meaningful for me.
They also gave him a children's Bible and a laminated certificate that reads:
Elias John Tapp
I Am Blessed

My mom and dad have dedicated me to God and will help me to live for Him. They have also dedicated themselves to be faithful to God, to one another, and to me for the rest of their lives.

First Baptist Church
Bolivar, Missouri
January 25, 2009

Special time, special babies.


Jessica said...

That's sweet. I love that the babies were all from your class!

BTW, your jeans are really cute. New? They look good!

Shelly said...

What a special time:)

Shelly said...

I keep meaning to ask, did you say you found an online group for moms who pump? I'm having to pump right now with Molly (due to her nasal/congestion problems) and was wanting to find some help/support.

Corrie said...

What a nice looking family you Tapp's are! :)