Thursday, January 08, 2009

Brief Visit in Kentucky

Our travel plans for the holiday involved visiting my entire family, who live in the Cincinnati and Chicago areas. However, the drive from here to Cincinnati is about 11 hours, and we weren't confident how Elias would do in the car. So we decided to split up the drive by stopping at Justin's parents' house in Western KY. That meant we drove 7 hours the first day and 5 hours the next. It turns out our fears about how Elias would do in the car were unfounded because he did AWESOME, but it was still nice to have a brief stolen evening with Nana & GrandDad!

Elias had some more presents from family to open, and he got some really fun toys to play with! He also really enjoyed one toy that was already at their house. It's a toy for walkers that's meant to be pushed around. However, since Elias can't walk yet, he figured out a new way to play with it! here's a video of how he did it:


Then we got up early the next morning and made it to my parents' house with no problems!


Katie said...

That's the thing about babies--they haven't read the box or the manual saying that it's a toy meant for a standing or walking baby. :) We have several walking toys that Carina plays with even now. Love the video with Elias!

Ashlee said...

Noah got one of those cat/chetah (I am too lazy to get up and see what it really is) that is in the second picture too. He hasn't played with it yet. He got so many toys I'm just introducing a new one every now and then so that he isn't overwhelmed and we can extend the "newness" of the gifts. :)