Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Christmas Day

Before I can even post the tales from our holiday journey, I want to post a couple pictures from Christmas Day. We spent the day here at home, and we kept it VERY low-key because we were planning for a HUGE undertaking the next day. We had a few presents from Justin's sister and her family that we saved to open on Christmas morning, so here is Elias opening his presents:He was mildly interested in the presents, and he did like crinkling the paper and playing with the tags! Thank you, Aunt Nicole, Uncle David, & Cousin Joshua!

Here he is showing off his "Baby's 1st Christmas" bib - thanks to Nana for giving him that!The rest of the day for us was spent doing laundry and packing! We did have Christmas brunch, which was fun, and then just kept dinner small, since it was just the two of us eating!

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Ashlee said...

Noah's aunt Lindsey got him that same bib! We were home for Christmas day as well- but we didn't open any gifts. We just ate crown cake banana bread for breakfast and then we invited friends over that evening. It was nice to not feel rushed.