Monday, March 02, 2009

Johnny Jump Up

I mentioned in a previous post that Elias wasn't enjoying the Johnny Jump Up as much as I expected him to the first few times he was in it. Well, that has changed!! He loves it now! He can generally do about 20 minutes in it before he starts getting whiny, and generally those 20 minutes are BIG fun! I took a video of him the other day so you can see him in his full Jump Up glory. (Sorry, I forgot that you're not supposed to take video sideways, and so then I had to rotate it, which I think made the dimensions a little funny. I think you can enjoy it anyways!)

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Koleta (Gallion) Hatfield said...

He's such a cutie ! I enjoy looking at your blog. It makes me dream about all the fun things Nathan will be doing a few months from now. Hope you guys are doing well !