Thursday, March 12, 2009


I learned yesterday that one of Elias' baby toys has been recalled! It's the cooking pot from his Infantino Lil Chef Set.Apparently the metallic blue material they used for the sides can peel off and become a choking hazard. So Infantino is paying for us to return it, and "a replacement of the same product or one of equal value will be shipped to you in 4-6 weeks." So this is a bit of a bummer because Elias REALLY likes playing with this toy pot, but we figured better safe than sorry.

I learned about this recall through the Consumer Product Safety Commission's email alerts. I subscribe to not only the baby/child products, but all recalls - so I get warnings about gas grills that could explode or car parts that could be dangerous or whatever. The emails are easy to just skim to see if anything applies to us. I've been getting the emails since before Elias was born, but this is the first product that we actually have that's been recalled. Still, it makes me feel a little more secure knowing that I get a daily email letting me know which products have been recalled... Especially with ALL of the crib and toy recalls that are happening these days, it's an easy way to help keep my baby safe. If you want to subscribe to the email alerts (or you can just check on any product you already have), go to and click on "Sign Up for Email Announcements."

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