Monday, March 30, 2009

10 Months!

We're finally back from our Spring Break, and I will do several posts about our travels and adventures. But first I have to post because my baby boy turned 10 months while we were gone! I can hardly believe it - 10 months sounds so old! People are asking me about what we're doing for his birthday. What?! Birthday?! My child will be a YEAR old soon?! (By the way, we don't have any idea of what we'll do yet, so don't ask... If you have any ideas of something low-key, though, feel free to suggest.)

But Elias is growing and changing so fast! His personality is just blossoming, and I REALLY like the boy he's becoming! He is just so happy, energetic, playful, and passionate. He laughs easily and smiles most of the time, and yet when he's unhappy, he will LET you know about it! He is still a great eater and sleeper, and he is for the most part very flexible and easygoing. I am so thankful for him!

In the past couple of weeks, he has started holding his own bottle about half the time during feedings, which is great! We also found a sippy cup that he likes, and so he's drinking water from that all on his own. We're going to try starting the transition to using the sippy all of the time soon, so stay tuned! Still no progress on feeding himself - I haven't been bold enough to put food on the spoon he holds yet. As far as finger foods, he's using the pincer grasp to pick up food, but he won't put it in his mouth. He'll get it eventually!

He has turned into quite a little snuggle bug recently, which I LOVE!!!!! He loves to be held and cuddled, and now he'll cuddle back when I snuggle him, which is something he hasn't done before. He also is starting to give his own version of "hugs" and "kisses," I think, which is just leaning his face toward you until his forehead bonks you. Here he is giving a "hug" to his Cousin Joshua last week:Also, his #1 favorite thing to do is sit in your lap and be read to. He could do this all day long! He always cries when I put the book down and try to do something else, even if all I'm doing is switching books! I LOVE that he loves books, and I pray that continues throughout his life! He also loves any kind of paper, and he's thrilled to lay on the floor and look at/crinkle magazines and newspaper ads. We gave him one of my Pampered Chef magazines a couple weeks ago, and he seriously sat on the floor with it, crinkling and laughing, for a full 20 minutes before we got him up!

He also loves to play Peek-a-boo, and he'll even play with his own reflection in glass or a mirror. Here he is with the glass of Nana & GrandDad's TV stand last week:He is just so funny! He'll stretch way up on his hands to try to see people in the reflection and catch their attention! Then he'll just laugh and laugh!

We think he has started saying his first word, which is "woof." He will say it in response to seeing a dog in a book or to us asking him what a doggie says. He actually says "boof," but we think that's close enough. :) He is also recognizing a lot of words when we say them, for example, we'll tell him to clap or to shake his toy, and he'll do it. He's so smart, and I'm so proud!

He's still not quite crawling on his hands and knees yet, although he does spend more time in that position. I'm starting to wonder if he's just going to go straight from the army crawl to pulling up and cruising. He has starting reaching up for the table edge and other things he could pull up on, and I expect he'll figure it out soon. He's FAST with his army crawl, though, and I have to get creative to keep him contained when I have something I don't want him getting into or out of - a couple weeks ago, he crawled OUT THE FRONT DOOR as I was bringing in groceries!

So he is just so smart and handsome and FUN!!!! I'm so proud of and thankful for our growing baby boy!

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