Monday, March 09, 2009

Where I Am

I talked to my poor mom on the phone today, and she told me about how she checks my blog for new posts every day. She wasn't trying to make me feel guilty for not posting in almost a week, but I certainly do feel a bit bad for leaving my dearies hanging! So it's time I posted a little update to let you all know where I am these days. The problem, though, and the reason I haven't posted anything yet, is that I don't exactly know. Through some circumstances the past couple months or so, along with a few Bible studies I'm doing, God is working on yanking me out of some wrong ways of thinking that I've held on to for a LOOOOOOOOOONG time. This is, of course, a good thing - or at least it will end up being a good thing. But right now it is painful and uncomfortable. I don't like change - I like predictability. Plus, it's incredibly depressing to see how wrong and harmful my thought patterns have been for so long. And I feel helpless because I've been this way so long that I just can't change - God HAS to do the work in me. His work would be a lot easier and faster if I were less reluctant and would just let Him in. So I'd appreciate your prayers for me as I try to be willing to let Him bring His good work to completion in me, and I attempt to seek Him instead of making Him chase me down. Sorry to be so vague, but I really don't even know how to articulate what God is doing or how I'm feeling about it. I do intend to share more fully once I have something to say... In the meantime, please just pray for me!

And since this post would be incomplete without a picture of my baby boy, here's one I captured today of him showing off all FIVE of his teeth - two on top, three on bottom! Click to enlarge, but only do it if you can handle a very close-up view of half-chewed Cheerios!(Note the aforementioned gap between the front teeth!)

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Jan said...

Sorry I made you feel guilty. But, thanks for the picture! Look at those "toofers!" I had the gap, too, so I guess Eli comes by it honest....