Friday, March 20, 2009

Mommies Don't Get Sick Days

The past couple weeks have been ROUGH for me. First of all, I had a reaction to some new medication that put me into a pretty bad depression the first week I took it. Thanks to a divine accident, I discovered that taking the med at a different time of day helped with that side effect, and so I got over that quickly. However, I only enjoyed a few days of health before the new spring-y warm weather taught me something about Missouri - it's NO FUN for those who have allergies! I had never had seasonal allergies before, just a mild case our first year in Texas. So this really knocked me for a loop. I went to the doctor today and she confirmed that it is just seasonal allergies, so I need to keep taking Claritin/Alavert and she also prescribed me a steroid nasal spray, which she said will completely take care of my symptoms. So hopefully I'll start feeling better soon. But because of these two things, I've been out of commission for the last 2.5 weeks.

Unfortunately, mommies don't get sick days. I can't just call in sick and spend the day in bed. My husband and my baby need me to fulfill my responsibilities no matter how I feel, and that is HARD! Some days I would just get up, take care of the baby, and then go back to bed when he went down for a nap. It was almost like when he was a newborn again! (Now that I think about it, I think I actually felt as bad as I did when he was a newborn! Whoa, that was rough.) I learned that there is a big difference between "can't" and "don't want to," and sometimes you have to build a bridge between them! I also learned that it's ok to prioritize and just do the minimum of what HAS to be done now. (This is why you haven't seen me blogging much lately. NOT at the top of the priority list!) But we're surviving and everybody's going to be fine.

Although mommies don't get sick days, they DO get vacations, and we're leaving for our Spring Break vacation tomorrow! We're taking a week in Western KY with Justin's family, and E and I are taking a side trip to spend 2 days with my family in Ohio. So I am REALLY looking forward to that, not only to see our family, but also to enjoy a break from our routine and tight schedule... And Elias will have a LOT of people to love on him and take care of him, and maybe Mommy will get an extra nap or two! ;)


KarenD said...

I was feeling in a funk, too. Good to know us mommies are not alone!

Katie said...

Ugh, I know how you feel. I've been battling a persistent cold and a few other things, and there have been days when I just want to stay in bed but know I can't. Hope you feel better soon, and yes, it's okay to just do the minimum of what has to be done. Take care of yourself and that baby first!