Sunday, March 22, 2009

On Spring Break!

Just thought I'd check in real fast while I have a few minutes. We're on Spring Break at Justin's parents' house in Kentucky, and we're doing pretty well! We're having a lot of fun visiting Nana and GrandDad, and Aunt Nicole and Cousin Joshua came up from Tennessee to visit us too! So we're playing and enjoying seeing each other.

We did have a pretty unpleasant day yesterday, though. Elias did great for most of the 7-hour drive here, but he got sick when we had just about an hour left. He had fussed a bit before going to sleep, then he finally did fall asleep, but he only slept for about 10 minutes before he woke up, screamed, and then lost his entire lunch all over himself. I've never seen such a thing in all my days. (I'm thankful that my allergies mean I have pretty much no sense of smell these days - I'm sure that wasn't pretty.) So we stopped at the next gas station, got him changed and the carseat cleaned as much as we could. Then about 15 minutes later, we discovered that he had NOT lost his entire lunch before, because he still had some more to lose. At that point, we decided to just forge ahead and get there as fast as we could. When we got there, we said "Hi, Nana! Can you run us a bath?!" So we just put him straight in the tub and got him cleaned up. He acted like he felt fine, but then he didn't keep his dinner down either. Soooo, I was pretty scared at that point, and I'm thankful to have been there with family who knew what to do! He took a good nap, though, after dinner, and then he drank his whole bedtime bottle and kept it down. He slept soundly all night and has had a good appetite and not been sick at all anymore today. So hopefully whatever the deal was yesterday is over now and it won't happen again! Please pray for him to be restored to full health, and especially for just the two of us who will be traveling 5 hours together in the car on Tuesday (as long as he stays healthy!).

But besides the illness yesterday, we're doing fine, the weather is beautiful, and we're enjoying Nana and GrandDad's GOOD home cooking! :)


John said...

Your adventure with Elias sounds like the one we had coming home from Tennessee with Patriot and Azlan... just push on through!!!

Jan said...

I hope he's feeling better and will be ok for the trip tomorrow!