Saturday, April 25, 2009

Yard Sale Mania

This weekend, our town had its annual City-wide Yard Sale - the newspaper said that over 100 homes were signed up to participate! So we thought we'd take full advantage of the many bargains to be had this weekend. We actually went out Friday morning to hit the sales right when they first opened. Justin and I both went out separately, and together we managed to clothe Elias for the next year! We got all these clothes for this summer:And all these clothes for next winter:...all for less than $20! We are totally pumped about being able to clothe our child so cheaply. (And handsomely, I might add - these are some cute clothes!) My faves are the swim trunks and sun hat for our upcoming vacation to the lake in Kentucky... Also note the #88 NASCAR romper in the summer picture - E will be rooting for Dale Jr. this summer! I also think the brown sweater in the winter pic is about the cutest thing I've ever seen. (Notice how many striped things we got - my sweet husband knows how much I like stripes, so he got a bunch! So cute!!) All we have left that we still need is summer shoes - all he has that fit right now are some heavy, dark tennis shoes that won't look great with shorts, and they'll be hot! So maybe I can find some cute sandals or crocs in baby size 4!

We also got a new set of shelves to keep Elias' toys on in our living room. The ones we had been keeping them on were very unstable, and now that he's pulling up, we wanted something safer. So I snagged this set for a mere $7, and I even bolted it to the wall for added safety. Elias loves it, though, because he can reach all his toys and play with whatever he wants. His new favorite thing to do is pull up and kneel so he's leaning on the top shelf, and he'll just sit and look at books for hours! I remain so thrilled at how much my child loves books - the fact that he's choosing books over toys makes me so happy! (Notice in the picture he's also wearing some of his new summertime pajamas that I got at a yard sale yesterday!)

Justin also went back out today just to see what else he could find, and he came home with several goodies for all of us. His best find of the day was a GT Xpress 101 for only $1!!! We had seen the infomercial about this and thought it was cool, but we'd never pay $40 for one... But Justin found this one today - the lady said it worked great, she was just too lazy to use it. It came complete with tools and manual with recipes. Can't wait to try it out! Great find, babe!

We're definitely glad to live in the yard sale capital of the world!

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KarenD said...

Oh man, I am addicted to finding great deals on baby clothes!