Thursday, April 16, 2009

He Plays His Own Way

Elias is starting to get really creative in the way he plays with toys. He's started going beyond the way we've always done things to think up his own ways to play. For example, he got a little toy piano from his Nana and GrandDad for Easter, and he loves to play with it. But this is how he holds it:He turns it up on its back, I think because it make the little music "book" page easier to turn. How creative of him to think of that on his own! (His face in the picture makes me laugh, like he's saying "You gotta problem with me holding my piano upside down?!")

His newest favorite way to play with toys is to put them inside something else. He loves playing with the bucket that was his Easter basket - he'll just throw toys in it, take them out, throw them back in... over and over again! He also has some blocks that are open on one side, and he puts any of his small toys in that will fit! We never showed him to put his little books inside the blocks - he just thought of it himself! We ran out of tissues the other day, and so I let him play with the empty box, and he thought it was awesome to be able to put something in the hole in the top and then reach in and grab it out!

Also, he has a set of stackable cups that he likes to play with even though he doesn't have the stacking concept down. The other day, though, he was playing with Daddy, and they came up with a whole different way to play with these cups that Elias thought was BIG FUN!!! I was doing something else, so I missed it, but I could hear the ruckus all the way across the house. Thankfully Justin took some video because this is HILARIOUS! (This reminds me of our Christmas Eve video that was so funny.)

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