Wednesday, April 01, 2009

WFMW: Umbrella Stroller

This week's edition of Works For Me Wednesday may be another no-brainer for most of you, but it sure did make my life easier once I figured it out. The problem is that I have a young child who can't walk yet, but even if he could, I wouldn't want him wandering around stores by himself. However, some places don't have shopping carts that I can put him in, and he's getting too heavy to be able to carry him around. So for the longest time, I just didn't go to the consignment stores and small places like that because carrying him around just made it too unpleasant to actually be able to look around and shop. That's when I had the stroke of brilliance... The umbrella stroller! We have this small, collapsible stroller that we got at a consignment sale for $5 before Elias was born. It's very lightweight and easy to manipulate, and the best part is that it keeps my child safe and contained in stores that don't have carts! I just keep it in my trunk at all times now, so it's available if I ever stop somewhere that I need to be able to put Elias in it.

I also learned another very valuable use for the umbrella stroller when I was traveling alone with the baby last week. Our trip was 5 hours each way, which meant at least one stop for food and restrooms... But what to do with the baby while I'm going to the restroom or trying to place my order at the restaurant? Ahhhhhh, the umbrella stroller again! It's small enough that I could actually wheel him in with me to the handicapped stall in the restroom, so he never had to leave my supervision at all. Once he gets bigger, that may not be necessary, but he's still just a baby and I didn't feel good about leaving him outside the stall alone.

So anyways, using the umbrella stroller has made my life a LOT easier! It Works For Me!


Rachel said...

I just got one of these out of our local newspaper for cheap, and plan to do the same thing with our 9 month old. It's also in my car, great suggestion!

Mom2fur said...

I got a lot of use out of many umbrella strollers with my four--for the two oldest (two years apart), I even had a side-by-side one! One good thing I learned is to shoot the wheels with WD-40 if they get 'stuck.' This will help the stroller turn more easily.

KarenD said...

Does your umbrella stroller have straps that come over his shoulders? Ours just has a lap belt, and Ian leans over in it, threatening to just flip right on out!