Sunday, April 05, 2009

Growing Up So Fast!

It's been a big week developmentally for Elias. As I mentioned in his 10-month post, he's been spending more time on all fours. Although he still isn't quite crawling, he has now figured out how to push himself backwards and up into a sitting position! Justin first saw it on Thursday, and I finally witnessed it on Friday. So now he's extremely dangerous - able to reach things that were out of reach before. But he's also more self-sufficient and can entertain himself better, so that's awesome!

The new ability to sit up from his tummy also means that he's CLOSE to pulling up. We saw him try it for the first time today on the coffee table! He was sitting up next to it, and he just grabbed it and started pulling... If he could've gotten his legs under him, he would've been standing. He's already started pulling himself up into a kneeling position on our legs when we're sitting on the floor with him. Oh my. So then Justin actually helped him stand up and lean on the coffee table, and Elias tried to crawl right on top of it! Oh my. I'm in serious trouble. (Note: As soon as E started sitting up by himself, we lowered his crib to the lowest setting - don't want him pulling up and throwing himself out!)

So we continue to be amazed at how quickly he develops and how fast he learns. Such a smartie!

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Katie said...

Once Elias learns how to pull up and cruise, then the fun really begins. ;) Funny thing, though, Carina learned how to pull up and cruise before she learned how to sit up from her tummy. And she cruised before she crawled "correctly." Shows you how unique each baby is. :)