Saturday, April 25, 2009


God is continuing to do some major work in my life right now (first mentioned here), and I still don't have a whole lot to share about it at the moment. One thing, though, that's a big deal right now is that God is opening my eyes to how self-absorbed I am. This not only causes me to make bad choices because I'm so wrapped up in my own perspective that I miss God's, but it also causes me to miss opportunities that God may have for me to bless/help/care for others because I rarely see past the nose on my face. I'd appreciate your prayers as God is humbling me and opening my eyes to His world, which has got to be a million bajillion times better than mine.

In the vein of opening eyes to see others, there is a group of people going to Calcutta, India right at this very moment for that very purpose. They're a part of the Compassion Bloggers, and you can read more about it here. But they're all going to be closely blogging about their trip in order to spread awareness of how the lives of the children they will be encountering really are. You can click on the picture below to go to the page where all their blog posts will be, and I encourage you to check it often now until they return on May 2 - I know that I can't even imagine all that will be revealed through their experiences. Check it out!

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Charity said...

I read Beth Moore's blog (where her daughters also write sometimes)... Her daughter is on this trip, and she wrote some about it before she left yesterday. :)