Thursday, April 02, 2009

Spring Break, Part 1

For our Spring Break last week, we went to visit Justin's parents in Western KY. They were hit BAD by the freak ice storm in January (without power for 18 days, and their cable never came back!), and so Justin wanted to help his dad clean up all the fallen trees in their yard. Plus, we wanted to enjoy visiting with them and enjoying the weather and nature on Lake Barkley.You've already heard here how our car trip up went. Thankfully, our vacation vastly improved from there. Elias was fine the next day, and he stayed happy the whole time. We were excited that Justin's sister decided to drive up from Knoxville and bring her son Joshua to visit for a few days, too. We hadn't seen them since we moved to Missouri! (In this picture, I'm holding E and Nana is holding Joshua.) Joshua has grown into such a fine young man since we saw him last (He's now a bit over 2.), and it was so fun to see Elias interacting with him - he mostly just watched him with wide-eyed wonder. (Elias doesn't get the chance to spend much time with kids that are older than him.) They did play together some, though, and it was CUTE! They also sat in their booster seats to eat meals together, and they both seemed to get a kick out of that (although their faces certainly don't show it in this picture!).Justin and his dad did spend a few days working HARD, and they managed to get the yard completely clear of fallen trees and limbs, which was a huge undertaking. I didn't get any pictures of that, but Justin was covered head-to-toe in sawdust and ashes (from them burning the logs and branches), plus tired, sore, and sunburnt! Hope you enjoyed your Spring Break, honey!

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Anonymous said...

We had a great time too. It was fun to spend time with you guys. Joshua loves his cousin "Ee-I".