Tuesday, June 10, 2008


My precious boy had not one, but TWO major graduations yesterday! First of all, he graduated from disposable diapers to cloth! We had been waiting to use our cloth diapers until his umbilical cord fell off and his bellybutton healed because the rise on the cloth diapers is so high. But his bellybutton is perfect now, and we've started using our cloth! They still seem pretty bulky compared to the disposables, but I think they're so cute! Besides the yellow pictured above, we also have blue, green, and white. Totally cute. These diapers are bumGenius 3.0 one-size diapers, which are adjustable and will grow to fit him for as long as he's in diapers (unless he's huge or potty-trains really late, heaven forbid!). So we're excited to be able to start using the cloth and stop wasting money and landfill space on disposables.

The second graduation he had yesterday was from sponge baths to a baby bathtub, also related to the healing of his umbilical cord. I think he really liked being in the water, although he did get fussy at the end. Maybe we were just too slow in getting the job done. We use the lavender scented night-time stuff, which is supposed to be calming for him. It never has seemed to have that effect on him, but Mommy sure likes smelling it on him for the whole rest of the night! (It calms ME down for the middle of the night feedings!) It was fun to be able to bathe him in a real bath, though, and I hope bathtime will be an enjoyable experience for us for years to come.


Nick said...

I recognize that diaper!

Ashlee and I are using primarily bum genius and haute pockets.

We tried two other kinds but these two worked best for his current size, we think.

We like it so far!

Jeannie said...

how sweet! Love the new diapers. I can't wait to see how they work for you guys! Also love the great bathtime pictures! How sweet! You are a kinder momma than me, I am not sure I would have covered him up to maintain his modesty! Glad you guys are finding joy in the little things! I pray that God continues to fill you with His Peace.

RSK said...

we love love the bum genius and they have held up well...Amelia is 6 months and still going strong in them....we sometimes dry them on a line outside to bleach out any stains....just a tip...God Bless your beautiful family