Saturday, June 21, 2008

One Month!

My precious baby boy is ONE MONTH old today! I can hardly believe it's been that long! He's turning into quite the little man, and we're starting to get a fun glimpse into his personality. He's very curious and will just stare at things/people as if trying to figure them out! He's also getting feisty and will let you know when you're doing something he doesn't like. He's especially vocal with me when I'm working on keeping him awake at the breast, and he will let me know he did NOT like that cool washcloth on his feet!! He is finding his voice in grunts and coos, and they all make my heart melt. And sometimes the faces he makes make me laugh until I cry. Certainly no lack of expression with this child. He loves to be sung to, and that is possibly Mommy's favorite thing to do with him. He is also smiling more, and he put on some good shows for his Aunt Jessica, Uncle Matt, and Cousins Patriot and Azlan while they were here this weekend. Even with that, though, we STILL didn't get any excellent pictures. There were a couple pretty good ones, though, and I thank Aunt Jessica for being the paparazzi and working to try to get some good shots!Patriot & Azlan did a good job teaching him how to be incredibly cute:And Uncle Matt taught him all about the many merits of the i-Phone... (Matt is definitely a tech geek.)They took us out to eat Friday evening, and Elias was such a good boy to sleep the whole time!
We are so thankful they came for a visit - it was so much fun!!


JTapp said...

He's also become much more active in playing with his mobile and the hanging objects on the Baby Einstein mat. He likes to grab and bat at them, and seems to have started making noises at them as well.

Joyce said...

Joni, I'm sorry that I haven't been in contact sooner. Took some time tonight to try to look at pictures, but couldn't figure it out. So...started looking at family blogs.

Eli is beautiful!!! (or should I say handsome?) You guys did a good job!!

I'm sorry that you have been having such a dificult time. It's easy to let things get you uptight, and then things compound. I know as an outsider looking in, it is easy to tell you to just relax and that things will get better. But..I think that your baby can sense your stress, and it makes it harder for him also.

I know that it has been 17 years ago, but I had problems with Nicole falling asleep while feeding too. I feel your pain. and the times that he is crying...just breaks your heart when you don't know what to do for them. Sometimes babies just need to cry. (and sometimes their moms need to cry also!) You said in one blog that he enjoys when you sing to him. This probably helps you also. If you have checked that everything is fine with his physical condition(diapers, food, etc. ) just let him cry and sing for both of you. Let it sooth you.

Try to relax when your feeding him. If you can be comfortable with it , he will also. I'm sure you have tried pillows in every position, and every position you can sit in. You will find your place!

I had to undress Nicole to get her to stay awake also.

I will pray for you, that you can find peace and comfort, and pass that feeling on to your son.

I am sure that you are a great mommy!! I hope you can just enjoy your baby. They grow up waaaay to fast!!!

Love you,
Aunt Joyce