Saturday, June 14, 2008

Out and About

We're finally getting to the point where we're able to take Elias out and about with us! This week we have been two different places as a family (besides the doctor's office, of course).

On Thursday we went to WalMart and did grocery shopping! We made sure to tell him that WalMart is Mommy's favorite place, and this is only the first of THOUSANDS of times he'll be at WalMart with me. (Thankfully, there IS a WalMart in the small town we're moving to in Missouri!) He did well and slept most of the time we were at the store. It was his naptime, and it's nice that he'll nap in his carseat for us.

Then today we went out to eat for the first time! The restaurant around the corner from us had a Father's Day special where fathers eat free with the purchase of another meal. So we took advantage of that! Elias slept most of the time in his carseat there too, although he did enjoy the nice muzak playing before he drifted off. I am INCREDIBLY mad at myself that I forgot the camera, though, so I don't have a picture of his first time at a restaurant. Hopefully we'll get a pic next time we go out...

But it's nice to be able to start getting out again. It makes me feel more like a human being, and I know it's good for him too.


Jessica said...

Both of my kids' first times out were to Target. Eventually you always have to go out and get the staples.

Love the pics of sweet Elias!

Mom said...

Atta girl!! Keep up that loyalty to Wal-Mart as long as it keeps paying our bills! I think both Jessica's and your first outings were to restaurants, though it wasn't anything as nice as the Riverview. It was probably Wendy's and McDonald's.