Friday, June 27, 2008


We went to the pediatrician today for Elias' 1 month checkup (although he's actually at 5 1/2 weeks). If you'll remember, last Thursday, Elias weighed 9 lbs 5.5 oz. Since then, we have begun supplementing with formula, and I have also begun pumping my milk and feeding it to him by bottle so we know exactly how much he is getting. Today, 8 days later, Elias' weight was...

... 10lbs 12 oz!!!!!!!!!

Yes, my son gained almost a pound and a half in 8 days!!!! Unreal! Can we say that the supplementing is working?!?!?!?!?! Now his height, weight, and head measurement all match up at between the 50th & 75th percentile - just above average. The doctor wasn't concerned about him gaining so fast since it took him so long to get here. (He still weighs less than he would if he had been gaining normally from the beginning.) The doctor thinks, like I do, that Elias will get his hunger figured out and start to eat just the right amount to keep his gaining steady. I'll probably take him back next Friday to weigh again and see what's happening, but I think we're definitely on the right track.

We are just THRILLED at the success of our newest attempt to help Elias develop and grow, and we praise God for getting us here! Our situation isn't ideal, with the pumping and bottlefeeding, but hopefully it's temporary until my milk supply is sufficient for his needs. Please pray with me that my supply will increase enough to drop the formula supplement, and that we'll eventually be able to get Elias back on the breast instead of having to pump and bottlefeed. Either way, though, what is most important to me is a healthy growing baby, which we now HAVE! Praise the Lord!!! :)

I'm planning on taking a picture of him today to compare with previous pictures and see if you can tell he's chunked up at all - so check back soon for the comparison pics!


JTapp said...

She forgot to mention that he's also officially grown 1/4 inch since last Thursday. Growing fast!

Jessica said...

We're so happy for you and your big boy! What a doll! Love you!

KarenD said...

Yay Eli! Way to grow, kiddo!