Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Quick Update

I feel like I barely have time to turn around these days! This new feeding schedule is pretty tough on both Justin and I - it keeps us jumping and we're both pretty tired. However, Elias is doing AWESOME with it, and so that's worth keeping it up. He is eating well for me (although I still have to work to keep him awake), and then he eats well from the bottle too. I am so thankful that he's willing to take both at this point! He is sleeping so much better during his naptimes, he is more alert and awake for his waketimes, and his diapers are through the roof! I swear I do not know how such a little guy could pee so much! We've had to start using the bigger inserts for his diapers because he totally soaks the newborn-sized inserts! I think that is definitely a good sign. I will not go into detail, however, about the effect the formula is having on his poops... Less fun for Mom & Dad, that's for sure... :) So please pray that Justin & I can get settled into this new routine and not be so tired and busy feeling! The little man is doing so well, though, that it is worth the price we're paying at the moment. We pray it won't last too much longer, though...

His doctor's appointment today was postponed due to insurance issues, so we won't be going in again until Friday. I think that's better anyway because it gives us more time to get established with this new feeding routine and really see how much better he's gaining. Please keep praying for us!!!


Shelly said...

So glad to hear things are going well:)

Jessica said...

Pretty soon you're going to have to start your own 'Things I Never Expected to Say Before I Became I Mom" list. Your first entry: Yea for poops and pees!

Love you!

Jeannie said...

Joni- That's amazing! I am so glad you guys are finding something that works for you! Great to hear those diapers are working out for you too!

I am glad you liked your "hooter hider", I hope it comes in handy for nursing in public. I did make it, but it was an idea I stole from my aunt, she made me one- I just copied the pattern.

Best wishes!